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Over the last decade, we have become experts in the area of helping people recognize threats to prepare and protect their families from these threats.

Our mission is to arm men and women across the United States with the best, most up to date Survival and Preparedness information and Survival Tools today!

We have a number of Best-Selling info products like our Uncensored Survival manual that covers everything from A to Z surviving any crisis situation, whether that is a natural disaster or even an end of days scenario.

One of our biggest achievements is our Clean Food Source project.

Aproximately 72% of the world is covered with water. Of that, only about 2% of that water is drinkable. 2/3rds of that 2% is locked away in the ice caps of Greenland and Antartica.

Staggeringly, 70% of all freshwater available for use, is used by humans to irrigate crops and in the raising of animals.

Nearly 1 BILLION people worldwide struggle with severe hunger and poverty. In developing countries it is mainly the local family farmer who is responsible for generating what food is available.

The world’s population is expected to grow to 9.7 billion, by the year 2050.

Aquaponics uses up to 90% less water than traditional food growing endeavors and in addition provides plants and fish protein in a fully circled ecosytem. Using Aquapponics in conjunction with other clean food growing methods on a small footprint, is our mission. This enables people to feed their families through several approaches, which exponentially increases the chances of sustainable food production.

You can see our Clean Food Source project here

Since our inception, we have built a powerful network of experts, consultants, and likeminded patriots, all dedicated to sharing self-reliance and emergency preparedness knowledge.

The Accidental Expert

Here at USS Companies we started our journey to spread knowledge and information and became experts totally by accident.

It was never our intention to be the "go-to-company" for so many people when it comes to preparing for a crisis or disaster SHTF situations.

All we wanted to was to make sure we were able to protect our own family like any God-loving, red-blooded American patriot should. And you probably feel the same way when it comes to your family.

But during the 5 years of hard, expensive, and sometimes painful trial and error testing, researching...

...with all the expense to gather the information, and the networking and travel it took to get access to top level people and getting them to share their information with me...

Not to mention the numerous revisions to our own plans to simplify everything into easy to understand step-by-step systems

We realized that there are a lot of people we personally knew who needed what I was gathering. So as a company we set out on a mission to share it with every independence-minded person who was willing to listen.

Right now we’ve helped well over 100’000 like minded people prepare and become self sufficient.

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